About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting; I’m so glad you’re here!

Most days you can find me watching Netflix or relaxing with my husband, Brett. I love anything related to coffee and travel; put those two together and I’m in heaven.

I have been fascinated with cameras and photography for as long as I can remember. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to specialize in until  I shot my first wedding under Russell Heeter – seeing true love come alive through photos is what this journey is all about. I want to capture your love story! Love knows no limits, neither do I – I am available to travel anywhere and everywhere to make your day memorable!

I want you to look back at your wedding photos and swoon over all of those memories again!

In case there is ever bar trivia about me:

1. For my whole life, people have always had trouble pronouncing my maiden name (Hjort sounds like Yort!) The name Hjort comes from Scandinavia, and means “deer” in Swedish ; I am incredibly proud of my heritage, so I wanted my unique name to be a part of my business. That’s where the antlers come into play! While my mom and I were having in dinner in Stockholm we saw our last name on the menu – so naturally we had to try it. When in Rome (or Sweden..) I guess!

2. I’m such a romantic – I’m all for boomboxes at windows, practicing dance in the water, and of course, rooting for the underdog!

3. I have read and reread Harry Potter, seen the movies countless times, and I even have a Harry Potter themed tattoo.

4. I have traveled to 4 continents and 20 countries – It’s my goal to go to all 7 continents!

5. I love football! Brett and I usually don’t get along during football season; for some reason he’s a Packers fan… *eyeroll*

6.  I like to consider my bedroom being in a constant state of controlled chaos. It’s usually a mess, but it makes sense to me! While my room may be messy, my closet has to be organized by color – weird, I know!

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