I would be lying if I told you I didn’t have favorite wedding venues, so I won’t, and I do have favorites. Most of these favorites are ones that I have never photographed before, but I literally dream about doing weddings there. Because of these reoccurring dreams, I created my Wedding Venue Bucket List! There is a common theme among these venues: barn, outdoors, and white buildings. Now, I’m not saying all I do is outdoor weddings, because I definitely do not (have you ever witnessed winter in Minnesota? I don’t think anyone would want to get married outside in -10 degree weather, and if you do, more power to you!) Other venues I love have a warehouse look to them! I love how these venues look when you add the flowers, candles, and other décor! There is something so elegant about it. Don’t worry if your venue isn’t a barn or a warehouse! I love capturing love stories anywhere and everywhere! Details are below.

Just a warning, there are A LOT of venues on this list, but I’m sure you’ll understand why if you take a peek at them:

Do you see your venue on the list? Great!! You’ll get a nice little present from me when you book me as your wedding photographer!

“Hey Tonya, my venue/location is not on the list, but it’s filled with nature and gorgeousness. Can I still get a discount?!” Well my friend, I’m so glad you asked. I’m not limiting the discount to just this list. If your wedding venue is filled with greenery, outdoorsy-nature-filled goodness, and a lot of love – let’s chat! I LOVE (x 1,000,000) any backyard, barn, lake, or any other outdoor weddings! Also you’ll definitely get an “oh heck yeah!” if your wedding is in the mountains. Shoot me an email giving me details of your wedding to qualify for the discount*.

What exactly do you get for fulfilling my venue dreams? Well, you and your fiancé will receive a discount on any wedding collection you book with me!

Contact me today to get this party started!


*To receive the discount, you must be the first couple to book with me at the specific venue. Or if you are having your wedding on private land (i.e. backyard, barn lake, anything outdoors) you must give me specific details of the land – bonus points for pictures – this is at the photographer’s discretion!

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